Join the World Series of Entrepreneurship 2018

Join FutureFIRST and World Series of Entrepreneurship for this special event. This World Series of Entrepreneurship (WSE) pitch competition will feature high school students representing school districts from four states, including our very own Washington D.C., who have developed entrepreneurial ventures, providing them a platform to compete for funding dollars, scholarship dollars, mentorship, and internship opportunities.

Pathway To The Middle Class: Youth Entrepreneurship & Tech

A day well spent talking on a panel about education, access, and opportunity. FutureFIRST joined the Office of the State Superintendent for Education (OSSE), and My Brothers Keeper DC for a panel conversation on the pathway to the middle class. How do we build an ecosystem that creates access and opportunity to a changing community?

We need to address the socio-economic gap between our minority youth and their peers – the panelist explored several ways the private and public sector are addressing the socioeconomic gap. Without access to technical and professional training, DC youth of color risk being excluded from high paying jobs in technical sectors and lucrative entrepreneurial opportunities.