Building on a Legacy

As the District transitions into a knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy, there is a unique opportunity to provide the next generation of DC residents with a path to prosperity. DCYC works with city and state government to help youth who are considered “hardest to serve” with opportunities to learn tech education, professional development while acquiring personal development skills for free.

Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) Outline

In partnership with ProjectZ, our program is a youth operated consultancy disrupting the intersection of  workforce development and positive impact for youth 18 – 24. Select youth will be assigned to three project teams and successfully completed assignments over the course of eight weeks. 

Mondays through Thursdays students collaborate in WeWork under the guidance of their Project Advisor. Fridays served as a remote professional development day for our cohort. Students will leverage RFPs and responses to company applications submitted to Project Z in order to  interview their clients and scope their project. The interview responses will be leveraged to develop a letter of engagement and project schedule. Once our clients sign off on the scope and delivery timelines, our talented youth consultants began working on solutions to solve their client’s challenges.

Eligible participants

To qualify for this program you must have approval from ProjectZ our Program partner and the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer.


June 2020