Our Story

In 2017 the founders of FutureFIRST identified a major blindspot in the tech industry’s preparation for the future of work; overlooking the connections between the wealth, education, and digital gap is going to limit big Techs ability to find and retain the best talent. To fix this blindspot, FutureFIRST creates products and services to prepare the tech industry to compete for the next generation of digital rock stars. Our work encompasses 3 pillars:

  1. Preparing and training tech talent at a hyper-local level 
  2. Creating and scaling radical tech-pedagogy around intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship
  3. Executing digital and in-person Diversity & Inclusion  ecosystems that give candidates and contractors the skills and opportunities needed to sustain long term success in the tech industry

Our impact

That first 12-week program sparked the creative flame that remains a blazing beacon of change in our community. 2-years later, the FutureFIRST initiative has educated over 500  youth and young adults, partnered with the Fortune 100 companies such as Amazon and Google, collaborated with numerous local and state agencies, and reduced the tech and wealth gap in Washington DC. 

​As the next chapter of FutureFIRST takes shape, we are moving from building how we create impactful change into building systems and structures to scale that change. FutureFIRST’s resources are now available wherever the need for advancements in technology, entrepreneurial mindset or cultural competency are in need, and most desired.

Why Choose Us


We have positively impacted the lives of more than 500 young kid and adults throughout Washington, DC and Maryland.



We have partnered with Fortune 100 companies such as Amazon and Google, and collaborated with numerous local and state government agencies.



Popular courses

We offer courses and bootcamps that allow students to acquire the most-demanded skills in the tech job market.